His fingers feel as though they are touch- 
ing real flesh. His creation seems to move. He looks at it with wonder. The studio is suffused with another presence. He studies the figure,seeking any small imperfection that might have escaped his attention. He scans every part and makes adjustments based on what his body tells him. It seems perfect now but still missing the spark of full life that he hopes will fill his need. Yet, he is reluctant to ask for so much.  

He caresses his creation. He presents gifts 
to her - beautiful flowers of rare colors and 
wondrous fragrances. He offers her
exotic foods and fruits, with musical accompaniment. He feels strange, guilty, worried that he has lost a clear perspective because he desires more than his or any other's due. Is he in his right mind? He wants to retreat, but the artist in him pulls him forward. He calls for help and sees his creation move again. He touches it. 

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