Emboldened by desire, he touches it again and feels response, a liveliness, an energy that is returned to his body. The creation is warm and alive! He embraces her gently, kisses her, and she returns his love. In gratitude for this grace he offers more gifts. He drapes her body with silver and gold- spun cloth studded with gem stones. She starts to talk and walks a bit, dances, enchants him more. He is fascinated by her beauty, her perfection is beyond his greatest imagining. Everything seems right, and he has made it so.  

He rearranges a hair seemingly out of place. Adjusts a garment. Entertains a criticism and sees his creation begin to harden. All charm leaves her face. Sadness is there instead. He knows what must be done to make her perfect, to restore her to life. No, now the head's too large, or is it the arm, breasts? The features of the face must be reorganized. What seemed correct only a short while ago is now most 

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