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When I began studying art in high school I made several self portraits. In later years I did a few more. However, it wasn't until the 1980's that my interest in portraits increased. Aside from the self portraits I began asking friends to sit. Part of my motivation was a need to paint from nature, rather than from my primary source which was my imagination and memory.

My interest grew to encompass making portraits that would also function as paintings and not be limited to an optical report of the sitter. To this end I avoided commissions and selected sitters whom I knew and who I would be comfortable working with.

I experimented with a variety of approaches from very descriptive to more suggestive and abstract. My real interest was to make a subjective interpretation of the individual that would contain something of the sitter and the artist in relation to the person. There are variety of approaches that are illustrated in the examples displayed.


1 "Self Portrait - At Easel", 30 X 22", Pastel/paper (88-106)

2 "Jacqui", 30 X 22", Pastel/paper (88-107)

3 "Stuart", 30 X 22", Pastel/paper (88-108)

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