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This period represents my first ten years in Delaware after having lived in New York City. During this time I turned inward. Most of the early paintings of this period are oils in which I used my studio and what I could see from the windows as the stimulus for my work. The scale is small and paint is applied as if it might be tempera paint; there is no texture. They are painted on wood panels. "Reality" and fantasy are mixed. The source of these paintings is my unconscious acting upon my conscious life. It was not a programmatic decision. In fact these works and those that were created later in the 70's generally developed in the process of working.

In the later half of the 70's I started making rather large watercolors; usually 30 X 22". Most of the time the subjects are female figures or couples. Both reality, and fantasy continued to play large roles. Color and movement became important elements. In order to strengthen the color, pastels were added. In retrospect, I see an upwards movement - as a flower grows - that has become more dominant in my later work, which contains an explosive element - an exuberant explosion.


1 "Man/Woman, Interior/Exterior", 18-1/4 X 18", Oil/panel (73-1)

2 "The Pool", 15 X 15", Oil/panel (73-3)

3 "Floating Studio", 15 X 12", Oil/panel (73-6)

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