Past and Present

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I began oil painting as an adolescent. Painting served, among other things, as a way for me to mediate issues that arose during this stage of my development. My early work was influenced by a love of the Renaissance Masters. I was interested in their painting techniques, styles and subjects. When I studied with Reginald Marsh briefly and took a studio near him in 1952 I started doing egg tempera paintings and my focus shifted to city life.

Soon after Marsh's death in 1954 I returned to painting in oil and I became interested in artists - painters, musicians, and others as subjects for my paintings.

See my New York City Drawings and Prints at the end of this section.


1 "Coney Island Side Show", 12 X 16", Oil/linen (50-1) Collection Jeffrey Kraus

2 "Ecce Homo", 17 X 12", Oil/panel (50-2)

3 "Reclining Venus", 12 X 20", Oil/panel (51-1)

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