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In the second half of the 90's I began reviewing the work of artists from the past whom I admired. I used some of these works as a basis for my paintings. Occasionally a reproduction in a magazine or newspaper caught my attention, particularly if there was a relationship
between two figures and these also served the same purpose.

Rather than primarily focusing on solitary male figures, as I did in the 90's, I included more couples, as in an earlier painting: "Resurrection". The couples are usually lovers. They are presented in "abstract" settings rather than specific sites. Most of the work is in a small format. The treatment of the figures tended to be somewhat abstract since I am more interested in expressing feelings rather than providing descriptive detail, although the paintings range from clearly figurative to abstraction.

Color, shape, line, texture, design, and paint application are the primary means for expressing
my feelings and reactions to the subjects.

I continued making portraits during this period. Because they are portraits of individuals they are more descriptive than my other work, although these too became more expressive and abstract.. These paintings can be seen in
a separate folder marked "Portraits".


1" Floating Shadow", 40 X 30", Oil/linen (06-25)

2 "Joy", 40 X 30", Oil/linen (08-2)

3 "Twist", 40 X 30", Oil/linen (10-6)

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